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1. Roseanne is my favorite tv show of all time.

2. I have two cats named Shivers and Comrade Huckleberry.

3. I hate to say I ‘suffer’ from vertigo, cause I’m so fucking used to it at this point, but I do. Have vertigo.

4. I also have very poor balance and sometimes start to tip over just from standing still, especially if I close my eyes.

5. My legs hurt almost every day, I hope it’s not serious.

6. I love Lana Del Rey, but I hate Ultraviolence :( except for West Coast. That song’s a+ 

7. I’m passionate about horror movies and naming any animal I come across.

8. I think I could be a pretty great artist if I had the patience to actually sit down and produce something.

9. I won a Jafar doll from a claw machine in 2008 but left it at the store, and that day has haunted me ever since.

10. My favorite food is broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole.

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